October 24, 2009

Birthday Party: Success!

First thing Saturday, Kaci, Kortney, and I did the craft fair. It utterly blew. Kaci sold enough of her hats to *almost* break even on the booth fee, which was good. But overall, we lost a lot of money. Lots of people tried on hats, commented on how adorable they were, and almost inevitably exclaimed, "You look great...I'm just not a hat-person though!" ::grumble::

On the other hand, the party went very well. First off, Kayden's friends arrived. (One got sick and cancelled last minute, unfortunately.)

The boys entertained themselves for an hour, then the other guests began trickling in. Pretty soon, our apartment was filled with about twenty people.

We hung out, made introductions, gave tours, until Keene arrived with the pizza.

After pizza, I broke out the cake. Everyone was very impressed with Kaci's and my handiwork. Oh yes.

Kayden blew out candles (though he tried to while we were singing) and we cut it.

Then came presents and general merriment.

My boyfriend looked hot...and shaggy.

Kayden's little sister looked adorable in her pigtails:

Nom nom nom

I freaking LOVE this doll my g-ma made for Kayden!

After all the guests left, I took the boys to the clubhouse movie theater for Pokemon and Bionicle movies. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the screen was probably twice the size of Kayden. The boys got to play and shout in the theater all by themselves. They loved it.

Oh, and one cool thing. Kayden came up with a game for the kids to play. He wrote and cut out a bunch of number 9s, then I hid them around the living room. For each 9 a kid found, they got a piece of candy. The kid who found the 10 got a whole candy bar.

And now for a quick rumination. Keene was so fantastic last night: getting the pizza, chatting with Scott and his family, playing with Keyanna, helping me. He even paid for a lot of stuff since that shit happened with my bank. At some point, I remembered back a couple years ago when I told Josh I had wanted to do a big double-family party with Scott and he got mad (and kind of weird about "my ex and his family" being there). I asked Keene what he thought of the party after it ended. He said he thought it was awesome, that he wanted to do the same for Maia. Oh, the difference between the two men.

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