September 8, 2009

A "What's up with Kelli?" post

- Last night, Maia threw a big tantrum at bedtime. Full-on screaming, kicking, etc. Keene was excellent! He was very firm with her, took away toys when she started throwing them at him, reiterated what privileges she lost and what she was doing wrong. One funny thing was when he was trying to snap her out of the screaming. When a kid is in tantrum mode, the best thing to do is to snap them out of it, because you can't reason with them at that point. So, Keene tried flicking water on her. I was in the dining room when this happened. All of sudden, Keene came skipping down the hallway. He said, "That pissed her OFF!" I suggested he blow bubbles, because I read that that is a good idea to get the kid's attention. IT WORKED! Almost instantly, she stopped screaming and started watching the bubbles. So, flicking water = No. Blowing bubbles = YES.

- Sunday is our anniversary. On Saturday, we are celebrating by going to Monolith. Woot!

- I found out my car needs all new tires and a timing belt. So, unfortunately, I've decided putting off paying my credit card debts with this paycheck, in favor of a timing belt. From what I hear, it would be deadly if that were to go out.

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