September 4, 2009

Return of Clutter-Bitch

Every time I try to get rid of something, Keene claims it. I'm pretty diligent about not keeping unused stuff around the house. For example, I was going to get rid of Kayden's tennis racket, which he hasn't used in four years. I put it in the Goodwill pile.

Keene saw and said, "Heeeeeey! Maia could use this!" I said, "When have you guys ever played tennis?" "Well, we COULD play tennis, though." I said, "I've never heard you say you want to play tennis." He said, "Only because I've never had access to a tennis court..." I replied, "My old apartment complex had a tennis court." He said, "Oh yeah...but what if we DO play tennis sometime?"

Just now, Maia found the game Perfection in Kayden's get-rid-of pile and suddenly it's the only game in the world she wants to play with. Keene said, "Well she can have it!"

Okay, she's always had the chance to play it at my place, but never wanted to until we decided to get rid of it.

So basically, all the stuff Kayden is getting rid of just gets shuffled into Maia's room and eventually finds its way back to the living room.

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