September 13, 2009

The One-Year Anniversary: Monolith the Sequel

Keene and I talked about our anniversary a while back and we decided that neither of us like the idea of giving presents. It just seems weird to us to spend a lot of money (which we shouldn't be spending) on something to celebrate that we've been together for a year. The exception is when that present is something for the both of us. Rather, we like the idea of just spending that money to do something together.

So, we went to Monolith, since that's what we did on our second date (and that is the day we both feel we couple-ized).

Here's my before shot...feeling pretty, oh so pretty:

Picking up Keene:

First up, Danielle Ate the Sandwich. This chick was so charismatic and had a beautiful voice. We really want to see her again:

Frightened Rabbit:

The Answering Machine:

"Brr...getting a little chilly...starting to rain a tad"

Ok Go, who were about three hundred kinds of awesome:

The Walkmen:

Caitlinn Rose:

Starting to get colder and rainier:

MF Doom:

And then the downpour:

You win this round, Colorado:

We picked up the kids, put them in bed, then took a HOT bath. We were both completely soaked and freezing and it felt great. So, we took a bath, drank some beers (yes, in the bath...we're klassy), and talked for a few hours.

It was, to me, the best way to spend an anniversary.

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