August 18, 2009

Top Gun at Red Rocks

Keene and I have a sort-of date tonight. To see Top Gun at Film on the Rocks.

One of our favorite local bands is performing beforehand. ::squeal::


::grumble:: Date is off.

Keene just texted to say his mom cancelled, so he has no babysitter. (I don't blame his mom a bit. His grandma is waiting to be released from surgery and needs a ride. He should have anticipated this issue.)

Sooooooo...theoretically, I could call my friend who offered to babysit for us on Friday. However, my thinking is 1) to call her AN HOUR beforehand is a little rude; 2) Why am I always stuck taking care of it? Dude has lived in CO for several years...that is plenty of time to set up a network of friends to swap babysitting with.


Keene just texted to say, "Do you think we could take Maia with us?"

I'm not even going to bother putting my friend out. I am so annoyed. Some fucking time alone.

I really don't want to go home right now. I'm kind of tempted to go by myself, if only so I don't have to spend the evening with them.


When I got home, I found the door deadbolted (one of the deadbolts you can't unlock from the outside).

I. Was. Furious.

Turns out, he (or Maia) had mistakenly turned that one (though we never lock that one unless everyone is already home) and gone out the back door for a bike ride. I had to walk all the way around the building and hop a fence to get into my own stupid home.

That, obviously, did not cheer my spirits.

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