August 21, 2009

No VPLs in This Blog

A potential customer has asked me to create a bunch of book thongs for her to re-sell in her Thailand. Wowie! We worked out the details, and I got to work... ::cue circus music, flashes image of clowns traipsing out of small car::

(And please ignore the ridiculously utilitarian photos.)

The other kind of book thongs I've started making are beaded, as opposed to braided. The benefit of the beaded kind is they're obviously skinnier, which means I can add smaller, more elaborate beads to them. However, they're nowhere near as durable as the braided ones. You can tow cars with the braided ones.*

Have I posted about beaded thongs before? This is the segment in which I save the blog and go hunting for previous posts-------No, I have not. Excellent. Nothing worse than redundant blog posts, right? Well, I guess just posting pictures of things I have made is getting pretty redundant. As is my use of the word "redundant." Moving along...

* Disclaimer: It is not advised that book thongs actually be used to tow cars. If you choose to do so despite possible risk of injury to car or person, you will need many, many book thongs. Please visit my Etsy shop to purchase these supplies.

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