August 3, 2009

I'm Back with More Shiznit.

A coworker got me talking crochet, so I've been going through photos of past projects I worked on. And dammit, now I want to update my blog. I had been doing so well, concentrating on this supa-important spreadsheet, but my mind is on crocheted flowers and felted hats. Thanks, Kaci!

So, here is a scarf I made as a gift last Christmas. This is best, most easiest gift to make. Say you only have two days (or one day if you're a fast hooker...ahem) to produce a gift. All you do with this scarf is create a chain, as long as you want the scarf to be. Then, turn it and just do double-crochets all the way across. Turn and do the same, over and over. Occasionally I changed up the colors. Then, add some skinny fringes to the edge. Voila! (Or as one friend likes to write, Wahla! Bless her heart.)

Another super easy scarf, for which I believe I've already posted the pattern. This seems to sell a lot, if only because it's pretty versatile and, well, matchy! Here it is with an appropriately angsty look from yours truly.

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