August 1, 2009

Ghosts of One-Night-Stands

So, Croman called my cell phone while I was taking a shower. The phone was in the kitchen and Keene picked it up to bring it to me, seeing the caller ID.

Now let me say, Keene is so not the jealous type and said he wouldn't be bothered in the least if a guy called me. He said he would figure it was just a coworker or someone.

However, he seemed bothered when he gave me my phone. He said, "Who is Croman?" I laughed (because the dude is still calling me a year after we hooked up? Really?), then explained to Keene about how I keep the dude's number programmed in my phone (along with several others) so I don't have to worry about accidentally answering their call. (See? Live and learn.)

Then he asked a few questions, which I answered honestly. Yeah, I slept with him. Yeah, it was fine. But he was dumb as a post and not someone I ever cared to see again. I felt bad because I think Keene was still bothered by it, but he let it go. (In the meantime, I had texted Croman to inform him that I had a boyfriend, so, uh, he needed to scamper off.)

So, it was kind of funny and awkward.

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