July 29, 2009

Poor Man's Hooters

Keene's band is undergoing a big change and he went out for a couple drinks with the band to discuss this. When he came home, he said, "Turns out, this restaurant we went to is like the poor man's Hooters. All the waitresses wear these little ass-shorts and have trashy tattoos. And they all wear these little shirts with their big ol' knockers hanging out. Then this chick walked in who looked like she was straight out of a comic book, with huge boobs that couldn't be natural and this weird, skimpy outfit and all the dudes were staring--"

At this point, I stopped him and said, "Have you noticed how much you talk about other chicks' boobs with me?"

He said, "Yeah, but it's not like I was checking them out or anything. They're gross and you know I don't like big boobs. So I figured it's okay to talk to you about it because you have perfect small boobs."

I said, "I think I may start recapping my evenings when I go to Falling Rock. I'll say something like, 'OMG, this guy walked in and he had huge muscles and all the girls were checking him out. But it's okay to tell you about it because you don't have muscles.'"

(In any event, he knows I'm not a fan of huge muscles, but it got the point across.)

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