July 28, 2009

Keene is a good guy.

So, as you may have caught on, I'm freaking out about this whole moving in together thing. I all but told Keene it was a mistake. I've cried a couple times because I was feeling so trapped and out of control. I was frustrated about all the shit of his laying everywhere, about not getting my stuff moved in for so long, feeling like it's his place and not mine, about having very little privacy anymore, and so on. I've had bouts where I'm just grumpy, and I ignore him and Maia...want to be left alone.

Things are getting a little better each day. But man, Keene has been a trooper. He has been really proactive about getting rid of stuff he doesn't want or need. He always comforts me when I'm freaking out, talks to me about stuff we'll do once we're all settled in, buys me Starbucks drinks to cheer me up, keeps Maia from bugging me when I'm in a grump, randomly brings me water or coffee.

And never once has he taken offense or gotten mad at me. If it were me and Keene was suddenly freaking out, I'd be pretty upset. But he takes it in stride and humors me when I want to sort through one particular box at 10pm. That really helps me know things will get better as soon as this initial mess is over.


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