July 31, 2009

Another tantrum.

I won't go into too much detail, though. It drains me just thinking of it. Never mind...I don't know the meaning of "won't go into too much detail."

We were at a grocery store, where they have free cookies for kids. I let Maia and Kayden each get one. However, when I approached the cookie case, I saw Maia picking sprinkles off of another pastry and eating it. So I got after her about it, told her I had to pay for it now. She was surprised and embarrassed that we caught her, so she started crying.

Well, that escalated when Keene said he would take the cookie away if she didn't calm down and come with us (we were ready to check out by that point). She started screaming, so he took the cookie and took her outside. (Yay for Keene!) She had a meltdown, screaming and kicking him.

We got her in my car, where she started kicking the seat and screaming at me when I told her to not kick the seats (that's a huge no-no for me). So I pulled over to the edge of the parking lot and made her get out and sit in the dirt. Then she threw a handful of dirt and rocks at my car.

So, we stayed there for maybe five minutes before she calmed down. Then we went home, where she screamed and cried about not getting her dessert (to which Kayden snarkily pointed out that she'd eaten those sprinkles) and how I was mean to her. She calmed down in time for dinner and ate while Keene and I talked about punishments. His punishment for her throwing a tantrum and kicking him was that he threw away the cookie and wouldn't let her have dessert that night. My punishment for kicking my seats and throwing rocks was that she couldn't go swimming with Kayden and Keene. That sent her into another fit which was fine with me.

At one point, Maia was screaming, "Daddy! You turn on my light! I told you to turn on my light." At first, he kept saying, "No, you can do it yourself." Then he absent-mindedly turned it on. I looked him square in the eye and said, "Seriously? You're going to let her boss you around like that?" He replied, "Oh, you're right."

Keene later said, "You're a hard ass," but gave me a thumbs up. I told him I'm worried that I'll be the "bad cop" because I won't take that shit from any kid. He said, "You're too fun to be the bad cop. Besides, I back you on this 100%."

Keene and Kayden went swimming while I had a long talk with Maia about respecting others' property. Then we went to the pool and watched the boys swimming and that was that.

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