June 15, 2009

2009 Westword Music Showcase and Fire Dancers

Met up with Kort and we went to Westword Music Showcase. This is one of the best musical events of the year. It's about six stages set up with local bands allllllllll day and night. So much fun. And Kort scored free tickets through her rad connections.

First, we went to see Chain Gang of 1974, who is one of our favorite bands:

After a while, we decided to get some lunch, so we were sitting out behind the stage, in an alley, listening to the music. Then, Kamtin (the singer for Chain Gang) pulled his car in front of us and got out. We shouted, "Oh! Oh! Chain Gang!" (We forgot his name.) "You were awesome!" He smiled and threw the rock sign at us.

Next up was Joshua Novak (and I would encourage you guys to look all these bands up and download their songs...so great!):

And Lion Sized:

While watching this band, we saw Eli from Hot IQs and Brer Rabbit from Flobots. That was pretty cool too.

Ian Cooke:

So, during the Cooke show, Keene joined us and Kort had to leave right after. We joked about me being a relay baton.

Oh! Oh! But before Kort left, we saw Eli from Hot IQs again and decided to introduce ourselves. Eli shook my hand and said something about the great article I had written and thanked me again for the interview. We talked a bit and then he gave us tickets to his last show. ::tear::

After Kort left, Keene and I went to see some more bands, some of which sucked and some were awesome. We found ourselves in front of the main stage during a huge thunderstorm:

(And this was the last picture I ever took on this phone, because it fizzled out immediately afterward.)

We toughed it out until it started hailing, then decided to leave. As we were walking by the art museum, I saw a guy who looked familiar. I whispered to Keene, "I think that's Johnny 5 from Flobots!" Keene said, "Well, let's go ask!" Being a wimp, I said, "No, I don't want to!"

But we turned around anyways (especially since he seemed to notice our hesitation) and I said, "Hey, are you Johnny 5?" He said yes and shook our hands and asked our names. We talked a bit about his charity (Keene has been wanting to get involved with it). He is such a cool guy.

After we left, we went to dinner and my mascara was running everywhere! Since I couldn't see anything, Keene wiped it all off for me. We are just *that* adorable. Next stop, fixings for Bloody Marys at the liquor store, then back to Keene's place.

The next day, Keene and I took the kids to see Up in 3-D.

Rocking the 3-D glasses:

After the movie, we dropped Keene and Maia off at home then Kayden and I watched the fire dancers at the Platte River:

After a walk around the extremely flooded river, we went home.

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