May 1, 2009

Colfax Cowboys: The Faces of Cowboy Punk

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It’s a fact that 75% of the American population hears the term “Country music” and cringes, at least a little bit. Where did I get that statistic? Well, that is not important. What is important is that there is a small faction of Country music that is not quite as cringe-worthy as some of the recent hits making their way up the charts. Let’s just get it out there: some of this Country music is actually pretty dang good.

Colfax Cowboys is a Denver-based band with the presence and energy of a Hard Rock band, while keeping with the frivolity and twanging sounds of Country. Cowboy Punk, if there is such a genre, seems to be a fitting term. They play good ol’ Western music – the older, harsher stuff reminiscent of Johnny Cash – and they do it with an edge sharp enough to give you tetanus. It is this edge that will draw fans to them; even those who tend to avoid this genre. And it is their stage presence (and the catchy music itself) that will keep these fans coming back to every show.
The Cowboys are led by Chad, a pierced, tattooed, in-your-face singer with a guttural voice and a style akin to Hank Williams, III. The band is rounded out by Brian (lead guitar), Javier (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Danny (bass and backing vocals), and Jim (drums). Throw in a harmonica, because, well, it just wouldn’t be Country without a harmonica! When paired with the prominent sound of the bass, the effect sounds at times a little like Surf-Rock.

Though the band is fairly new (just formed in 2007) and unknown to the greater Denver music scene, their sound is tight and their performance, strong. Their lively act at Ultimate Music Experience in April may have sealed them as an up-and-coming band to watch.

LIVE: June 6th / People’s Fair, Capitol Hill (Yes! They made it!).

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