February 1, 2009

Extra Kool - Creature From The Whack Lagoon

(Reprinted from www.ColoradoMusicBuzz.com)

With a backdrop of music fitting for a horror-film festival, Extra Kool’s newest album, Creature From The Whack Lagoon, is a must-have for Rap fans and wary listeners alike. Some songs are directly inspired by scary movies, while others draw from his own difficult past. Two tracks that I especially liked were the clean, catchy “Jonestown Milkshake” and the heartbreaking song of loss, “Part Two.” In keeping with the theme of horror, much of the music is dramatic with eerie violins, synthesizers and organs. The writing is original, honest and poetic, straying from the clichés of modern Rap. Perhaps Extra Kool’s greatest talent, though, lies in his ability to convey a full range of powerful emotions through his rapping: fear, melancholy, anger, even the occasional frivolity. After listening to this CD, it is clear why he has been named one of the top rappers of Denver.


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