June 3, 2010

Note from the Future: Bandits, Buttons, and Censored Boys.

I've been fattening up the butt of my blog (i.e. moving over old posts from another blog in order to simplify my Internet life). Don't worry about those posts, though. I will summarize them for you: 2007 is all about my depressed ex-husband and my resulting unhappiness, 2008 is all about drinking and dating, and I haven't really gotten to 2009 yet.

While sifting through posts (which includes a lot of editing, let me tell you, to make it mostly family-friendly...I'm a lot more candid than I realized in starting this), I came across pictures upon pictures of people I met, of boys I dated. What to do? I wondered. Would that be weird to stick up pictures of random people (many of which I no longer see or talk to)? Would these people be offended at having their photos on a blog?

I thought of censoring the photos with the typical spring-break boobies bar, like so:

But that seemed excessive, not to mention, cliche. So then I thought about the movie, Coraline, in which the characters in the other "world" have buttons sewn on their eyes:

But that turned out really creepy-looking and kind of looks like I scratched out the dude's eyes in a rage. Which I didn't. Honest.

Then I tried giving him a bandit mask, because who wouldn't want to be a freakin' bandit?!

In the end, though, it made him look cross-eyed and was too much work. So, all that being said, I'm not going to censor pictures at all. If you are in a photo and you'd rather not be and you have a good enough reason to make me take it down, let me know and I will.


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