November 14, 2008

After the Hiatus

I took a break from crocheting over the spring and summer. I was far too busy working (read: partying) to settle down and knock some wares out. But the return of the autumn has brought with it the return of my inspiration to crochet again. So, here are some new things I've been working on.

I'm not sure if I've blogged about this scarf yet. Ho hum ha...okay, yes I have. Shows how much I pay attention to what I write here. Anyhow, after originally listing it for sale on Etsy (ooh, I better check to make sure I took the listing down!) and offering it up at the craft sale last year, I decided to keep it. I mean, I only have about fourteen scarves and none in this color:

Another example of keeping a piece originally intended for sale is this stripe-y hat. I met a boy earlier this year who requested a very funky and unique hat: alternating brown stripes with enormous ear-flaps remniscent of a bassett hound. Since I have no creative integrity, I took the commission and set out to make the sure-to-be-hideous hat. However, before I got to the ear-flap portion of the hat, I lost touch with the boy. I finished off the hat and thought about listing it (once again) on Etsy, but realized I only have about 33 hats and only one in this color.

So I kept it for myself also. I consider it not unlike an animal shelter success story. This poor, poor hat was doomed to die a sad death just because of its ugliness--an ugliness it suffered by no fault of its own. But I saved it! Oh yes, I saved it by not sticking on the ugly ear flaps. It's like adopting a little dog about to be gassed. Or whatever they do to euthanize animals these days. Anyhow, the hat (and more importantly, an adorable little baby, who is also glad I didn't gas the hat):

And here are just some random projects that have no exciting, accompanying stories about death:

And the delightful Zoe-Bean:

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