September 3, 2008

Visit to Wyoming

After driving 8-9 hours, we were pretty tired and over-caffeinated. I had it in a full mohawk when we first got to my g-ma's. She loved it.

My g-ma used to be a bartender and, because of this, makes delicious drinks. I probably drank more at my g-ma's house than I have in the last month at the bar. These are homemade chokecherry daquiris:

Kort and my g-pa on the deck at sunset:

This is the WY scenery most people don't know about:

"Dude, I'm not so sure about this!"

Wet Kortney:


We finally reached the top of the intermittant spring (a natural river that turns on and off).

"How long until this thing turns back on?!"

We thought we found some weed for a moment:

After we got back to grandma's house, we did some target-shooting:

One of my g-ma's's seriously the size of a small cat:

Then we drank.

And drank:

And drank:

And gambled:

My g-ma made an awesome fondue dinner. It had cheese and chocolate fondue, as well as the oil(?) to cook meats and batter to cook veggies. So good:

And on the final night, she made hot buttered rum:

Said adieu to the grandparents:

And drove home:

We took a detour to see the windfarms:

And saw a coyote:

Bonus: an insane kitteh:

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