September 2, 2008

Things that bother me. Volume 4, edition 2.

- When a coworker feels it's okay to stand directly behind me (while I'm sitting at my desk) and talk OVER my head to a guest/client/subcontractor standing in front of me. It makes me really uptight and edgy and I can't concentrate or anything. I have to get up and go somewhere else. Would it be so hard for them to either go around the counter to the front lobby, or even just stand to the side of me?

- See also, when cws and/or guests talk loudly at the front desk. I understand that you're having fun and laughing and even shouting for a reason...but I still have to answer the phone and do some work. I don't come to your desk and shout, do I?

- When the other admins give me work to do, not because they are slammed and need help...but because they are given a task that is really boring or annoying. As a result, I'm stuck doing stupid bullshit tasks all day. Right now, I'm copying every page out of a bound instruction manual. ::opens copier, turns page, copies page, opens copier, turns page...:: I think it's time to start looking for a new job again.

- Moving away from work, this bothers me: even if I'm on my deathbed, I get up and take care of Kayden. That's just part of being a parent. If Scott is sick, however, the whole world shuts down. He won't get off the couch for anything. Why a fever seems to affect him more than anyone else is beyond me. After coming back into town, I texted, called, and texted again to arrange to meet him halfway (we live about a half hour apart). He replied to say he was really sick. Okaaaaay. I wrote back again, asking him to meet me halfway. No reply. Finally, at 6:00, I have to drive the whole way to go get Kayden (who is filthy and just playing by himself). I want to scream at Scott. If I'm sick, I still do what has to be done. Pneumonia, anyone? ::sigh:: It just won't do any good to yell and get upset, though. That's how it used to be and it sucked.

- On a related note, I bought all of Kayden's school supplies and school clothes. Even though I'm pretty broke at the moment, I made it happen. Again, that's what you do as a parent. However, I gave Scott two "tasks." I asked him to 1) buy a new backpack for Kayden, 2) take him to get a haircut. That's it. Upon picking Kayden up, Scott informed me that he couldn't afford a backpack right now. He also "forgot" about the haircut. Twice. So on top of my other expenses, I bought the backpack (um, the one Kayden liked was $12...and he can't afford it? bet is that he never even went to the store) and will be taking him tomorrow to get a haircut. It pisses me off...but once again, things are much better now than when I would fight with him about this stuff.

I thought vacations were supposed to refresh you and make you happier. Instead, I'm uptight and pissed and don't want to be at work anymore.

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