September 13, 2008

Review of Monolith...and Keene

Okay, that was one of the best days of the year...and that says A LOT.

So, to his credit, Keene was really awesome about the change of plans. We had planned to just wander around downtown, chitchat, whatever. But I invited him to Monolith the night before and he happily accepted. Saturday afternoon, we met up and I took him to Leela's. He wanted to see the "really snooty, elitist" cafe I go to. Seriously, this guy is like all the things I look for in a guy, kind of compiled into one (tall!) package.

We. Actually. Discussed. Modern. Art. At. Length.

We ate a quick lunch and then drove to Red Rocks for the festival. Here's a quick rundown of the concert.

Because we had VIP passes, we were able to get super-close to the bands. We were thisclose away from DeVotchKa while they were being interviewed by a tv station:

And Del tha Funky Homosapien:

The Fratellis were awesome:

Mickey Avalon had some hot sluts onstage:

Why are there always hula-hoopers at festivals? And why do they always wear those sillly leg-warmer things? I feel like I'm missing some crucial cultural thing:

The weather became a hazard during Del's set, so it was cut short. But Vampire Weekend was super-duper awesome:

It was incredibly cold and windy and rainy and I loved it:

Keene is pretty cute even when cold:

DeVotchKa was fucking amazing:

The audience went CRAZY. They were way into it (myself included).

There were other bands, but those (and Silversun Pickups) were the only ones I saw.

After the show ended, we went to Denny's for a late-night dinner, then Keene drove me back to my car. ______________________________________________________


I just got this message from Keene:

The concert was great. Thank you (and your friend) for taking me. I had a wonderful time. I've never experienced anything quite like that after-party before. I can't wait to see you again.

This guy cracks me up.

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