September 19, 2008

Random thoughts of the day

1. Soy chai reminds me very strongly of early-2008. And I love it. So much fun was had.

2. This snippet of email from Keene is from Tuesday, but I wanted to share anyways: "I don't get around to saying this often because I'm always talking about how smart and funny and interesting you are, you are really good-looking. Your good-lookingness has not escaped my attention."

This guy knows what he's doing. ::fans self::

3. Oh and hey, here's another snippet that he just sent, in response to my asking how he felt and whether he still wants to hang out tonight:

Does Larry Craig have a wide stance? Of course I still want to hang out!

I just got home from work. I made sure everything important was done today, and that everyone knew how tough I am to come into work when my side hurts! Man I'm tough. (I did have to play it up a little, but that's just between you and me.)

I'll say it again: Yes, I want you to come over tonight. Let there be no doubt about that.

I'm not sure who Larry Craig is or whether he does have a wide stance... (just went to Wiki and am still not sure what he means...but that makes me just think he's super-clever.)

Kelli = twitterpated

4. ::trying to think of something not Keene-related::

Eh,'s something. I think Crazy CW is trying to get me to offer to babysit her kid tomorrow. I have offered to take him for a couple hours in the past (key phrase being "a couple hours"). She needs a babysitter for about six hours tomorrow. Ah, I don't think so. I told her I know a couple girls who babysit, if she'd like their contact info. She said she has to know the girl personally and she wanted someone older. And yes, she just started looking for a babysitter the day before this event she wants to go to.

5. Oh, and I'm taking Lily to her pre-spaying exam tomorrow. I'm hoping to get her spayed next week and I'm REALLY hoping that solves some of the cat-problems I've been having.

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