September 17, 2008

More of Stupid Admin

SA: ::gestures to candy corn:: Do you have the bag to those? I want to see if they contain peanuts.

Kelli: ::points to drawer:: Do you carry an EpiPen?

SA: Yeah, it's at home, though.

Kelli: Doesn't do you a lot of good there.

SA: This is frustrating. It says 'May contain peanuts.' Oh well, I'm going to try it. Life's too short...

Kelli: It's especially short if you take risks like that.

SA: Yeah, well, everything says it may contain nuts these days. ::pops candy corn into mouth, waits a moment:: Okay, I'm good. ::skips off::

She just came back to say that she thinks they may have contained peanuts after all...she's definitely feeling the effects. "And it left the most horrible aftertaste in my mouth!"

I replied that the aftertaste is from the candy corns...they're just that nasty.

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