September 5, 2008

Let's play Complain About the Neighbors!

Here's what pisses me off.

- There are a ton of kids, which is awesome for Kayden. However, they are unsupervised 99.9% of the time I see them. They throw garbage everywhere, there's always food laying in the stairwell, they scream and sometimes curse. As a result, the place looks extremely ghetto.

- One kid always comes to our door and pounds it and won't go away unless Kayden comes outside to play. (This same kid, the little Lothario that he is, asked Kort and I if we wanted to play Spin the Bottle with him.)

- The only adults I ever see outside are men and they *always* stop what they're doing/saying and just gawk at me. Um, a little subtlety please?

Other than that, I do enjoy the building and its diversity. I love when I can hear the Africans shouting across the hall in their native language. And mariachi music is pretty much a given when you're outside.

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