September 12, 2008

Keene's stock is rising drastically

We have been emailing about 2-3 times a day, texting occasionally at night. And we're going out Saturday. He wants to take me to Guitar Center to show me how to pick out a guitar for Kayden (who is going to start lessons soon). Also, he's just so, so, so sweet. He wrote this:

"I feel like I could very easily go head over heels for you. By nature, I really want to keep my feet on the ground, but I'm so giddily excited about getting to know and spend time with you, and I've been thinking about you a lot. But we've only just began to get to know one another, and I wouldn't even consider tipping my hand like that at this point; I wouldn't want to freak you out or expose my vulnerability yet. So I mainly just try to play it cool and say things like, "You seem all right for someone from the internet."

He's very complimentary and seems sincere. Oh! And I think I may have stumbled onto his wild side. He told me about how he's had a mohawk, did wild stuff in high school for attention, and had a whole bunch of piercings. Most importantly, he alluded to having a "mystery piercing." I replied, "Whoa oh hey oh oh hey! WHAT?!" I'm waiting eagerly for details.

On a side note, he sent me over a couple MP3s of his band's music. I actually really enjoyed the music, which is a relief. And I *really* want to watch him play.

Oh, and Crazy CW has taken to calling him "Ken" which he finds funny. And he said he doesn't mind my calling by his last name. But he said, "Just keep a lid on the 'peachy' when I'm around. I know it's tempting."

In any event, I'm stoked about this guy.

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