September 5, 2008

I'm starting to get nervous.

My date (and yes, it's shaping up to be an actual date...actually going to a restaurant...not just meeting at a bar or "wandering around") is in about four hours.

Will you please do me a favor and give me one of the following reassurances:

A) "You look SO cute right now!"
B) "You'll knock him dead with your wit/intelligence/sparkly eyes."
C) "He will be awesome, I just know it."
D) "No, your hair doesn't make you look like an unapproachable, little emo-boy."

I think I wouldn't be as nervous if this guy seemed lame...but he seems REALLY cool. We've been talking regularly for about two weeks and each time, his emails crack me up. Plus, he seems really intelligent. We have even discussed punctuation--in length. Yes, really.

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