September 20, 2008

I went to Keene's house at 9:30 last night.

(We had to wait until his daughter was asleep.)

Zzzzzip! <~~~~~That's my sound for fast-forwarding.

We talked A LOT. I guess that's just what we do. He told me a lot about his divorce and his ex, stories that made me kind of want to cry for him and his daughter (but I didn't, of course). We talked about how great Maia and Kayden are (they sound a lot alike). Let me just say: I find it SUCH a turn-on how great of a dad this guy is. The way he talks about his daughter, the way he fought through the teeth to not lose her, everything. It is seriously hot to me.

At one point, we were half-asleep on his couch. All of sudden, we heard a door squeak open. Then we heard his daughter crying, "Daddy! I had a bad dweam! (dream)" She started to walk out of her room and he called out, "Go back to your room and I'll be right there!" She then repeated that she had a bad dream, then went back to her room. During this, Keene had the presence of mind to throw a blanket over me (I had no idea what to do...snort). He attended to her and she went back to sleep. But it cracked me up. "Aw, shit! Busted!" He texted me today to say that she had no recollection of getting out of bed (she was still mostly asleep).

At 3-ish in the morning, I kept falling asleep, so I decided to leave. He kissed me goodbye for about ten minutes, offered me some coffee for the drive home, and kept, well, staring at me.

Moral of this post: this guy is about one bajillion kinds of awesome.

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