September 17, 2008

I need to vent about the Cat Army.

I absolutely hate having three cats. For some reason, it's different than two cats. Or maybe it's just the third cat (Dodo) which makes my life a bit hellish.

- Dodo and Scar Cat fight CONSTANTLY. And it's not just bickering or whatever. They scream and fight, tear up the house chasing each other.

- Lily has taken to peeing again. Last time this happened, I took her to the vet and got medicine for her UTI. I haven't gotten her spayed yet and that could be the problem. It was never a problem before (since she never goes outside and Scar Cat is neutered). However, I think with the addition of Dodo, she's getting territorial in her little passive-aggressive way. Apparently, spaying will help that. If it doesn't, I don't know what I'll do. It makes me feel disgusting and dirty.

- Some cat, likely Lily again, throws up about once or twice a week. WTF? I don't change up the food (which I heard can upset them) and it's a food that's specifically designed for multi-cat households. One of the cats has even pooped in the kitchen. BAH!! I am not the kind of person who is okay with having this shit in my house. I don't like it and I clean it up and sanitize it with citrus-y smelling stuff to wipe out the smell (so they don't go to that area again).

- I got that Feliway stuff which is supposed to help calm cats and make them behave. So far, it doesn't work. I've had for over a month.

- The litter boxes disgust me. The one the cats typically use is in my bathroom (because I didn't like having a litter box in the living room or guest bathroom). I try to keep it clean (although that in itself is difficult with three cats), but they drag litter out of the box and it gets all over my bathroom floor. I have one of those litter-catching mats, but it doesn't work too well.

- Also, I've tried the litter that is supposed to absorb smells well and I throw on baking soda. But it still smells.

Seriously, this makes me want to take the cats out and shoot them.

ARRRRRRRGGGGG! I hate cats. I just hate them. All of them. Except Scar Cat. Who can do no wrong. He's more human than cat.

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