September 4, 2008

Got into a political argument with Crazy Coworker

She came up and started waxing poetic about how cool it is that Palin is being supportive of her daughter and how cool that she has a 5-month old and blahblahblah...

I think she assumed I was a Republican because of the way she was talking about this. Finally I mentioned that Palin's personal life isn't as important to me as what she believes and advocates for. Then I said I couldn't vote for someone who supports teaching Creationism in school. Then we started arguing about that. She said that creationism should be taught in school and that you can prove it. I said's not based on scientific data and has no physical proof. We actually argued. She said 'scientists are starting to believe in creationism.' Based on what? 'There's proof.' Physical proof? 'I never said it was physical.' I asked her outright what proof it was then. She said she would give me a book to read. Riiiiiiiiiiight. If you can't even give the proof without referring them to someone else's book, how can you believe it? She then said that Christianity has been around a lot longer than "evolution." I then explained to her that Christianity actually stemmed from Zoroastrianism and contains many aspects of that religion (down to the virgin birth of the leader). So should we start studying all religious beliefs in science class? What about learning Hindu beliefs, right alongside creationism? And so on.

Anyhow, I wrapped it up (because it was getting heated) by saying, I was fine with a religious studies class being offered to kids in school...but that I didn't want my kid to learn creationism as a scientific theory. She said she didn't want her kid to learn evolution. I replied, "That's why there are Christian schools then."

She was all pissy and somehow turned it into a discussion of abortion. Sheesh. She said that Palin could have aborted her baby, but it shows character that she didn't.

(I don't disagree...but I also don't think that has any foundation on her campaign. Hell, Obama has never had an abortion either.)

She then said that she's met a lot of people who were almost aborted as fetuses or were even injured during a botched abortion. That made me curious. I asked her why a doctor would stop killing the baby just because he accidentally cut off the arm or something. Wouldn't they keep going instead of stopping and letting the baby live? I don't quite understand that. Did the mom have a change of heart in the middle of the procedure? In any event, I finally just told her that this conversation wasn't really work-appropriate. She replied, "Well, I just figured that you would have understood since you were a young mother..." Um, okay.

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