September 8, 2008

The Date...and the rest of the weekend

Friday night: had the date with Keene. My first impression of him is that he looks like he could be __________'s younger, skinnier brother...complete with beard. It was a little awkward at first, but got better after a margarita.

So, we went to The Rio, and no, we didn't bump into my coworkers, thank god. We chatted and ate and you'll be happy to hear he paid for dinner. I put up a good fight and explained why I feel I should contribute. We then compromised when he said I could buy him a couple drinks at the next place. We went to a bar next, had a couple drinks, then went to Starbucks and had some coffee. Once they kicked us out (it was around 11 or 12 at this time), we decided we still weren't ready to call it a night, so we walked around, sat in a city park until we got cold, then sat in my office lobby until 3 a.m. Finally, I decided I should probably get some sleep before getting up for work in the morning. We said our goodbyes very awkwardly (to kiss or not to kiss...I opted for NOT kissing, because I was tired and didn't feel the need to kiss, just because we were saying bye).

Saturday: went to bed at 4 a.m., got up at 8:00. Went to the Arvada Harvest Festival, where my first promotional "assignment" was. I began work at 10:00 a.m. and got off at 10 p.m. It. Was. Exhausting. But it's probably the best part-time job I could ask for. I spent the whole day handing out freebies, talking to people about college, flirting with cute guys, and people-watching. It was pretty good. After work, Kort and I got some Taco Bell and went to my place, where I crashed and burned on the living room floor.

Sunday: Woke up at 8:00, began working at 10:00 again. Got to work with just Kort all day, which kicked about a billion kinds of ass. Finally got off at 6:00 p.m. Anne (Kort's friend who we are working for) was really impressed with how many people we got contact information from (over 450, I believe). After leaving, we went to Falling Rock for a beer and chips & queso. While there, ________ showed up and chatted with us for a bit (said he wished we would go there more often and he misses us), played with my hair again, and sadly, talking with him was one of the highlights of my weekend (which says a lot, because I had a pretty good weekend).

After leaving FR, I took Kort home, picked up Kayden, and went home. I did some cleaning, helped him with his homework, read a few chapters, put him to bed, then watched an episode of The Tudors while crocheting.

I woke up still exhausted. Keene and I texted a bit on Saturday and Sunday. He already invited me out for coffee next weekend.

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