September 8, 2008

About Keene

Okay, since I'm pretty sure I'll see him again, I'll tell a bit about him.

- He's a single dad, 30 years old, has full custody of his 4-year-old daughter.
- Works as some kind of technician on microchips that go in airplanes or something.
- Plays the bass in a rock band, also builds guitars as a hobby
- Has a few tattoos (which is suprising, because he looked pretty clean-cut). One of them is a blacklight tattoo (you can only see it under a blacklight...but you can faintly see the "scars" in the shape of the tattoo). Looks really cool.
- Is really smart, which I like...we talked about books, politics, relationships, writing...pretty much everything
- Has a cute way of raising one eyebrow while talking
- Can drink a margarita and not feel his manhood is at stake.

Um, that's all for now, I guess.

Oh, some more tidbits as I remember them (hey, I was's hard to remember it all at once):

- From California
- Was a vegetarian for many years
- ::cough:: Six feet tall

Keene is wanting to hang out at some point this weekend, but it kind of depends on whether I work, as well as when he can get a babysitter...

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