August 4, 2008

Weekend Recap.

(I'm going to use bullet points to avoid my inevitable habit of droning on and on and on and...)

Friday night:
- Went to FR with Kort

- She thought she looked fat, so I took a photo to show her how she looks to others: awesome.

- ________ was working that night (second time that I've seen him since the brouhaha of May). Um, he gave me bourbon and coke instead of rum and coke. He knows that bourbon gets me really crazy-drunk, so obviously he was being cheeky. We chatted for a bit and it was really nice. And, um, I still miss him like crazy.

- Moving along, left FR, Daniel came to pick my drunk ass up.

- Daniel brought me back to my car and we parted ways (he had to work).

- Picked up Kort and Zoe and went back to my place and went swimming:

- Daniel showed up later and he and Kort helped me unpack boxes, hang shelves, break down boxes, and more. Got SO much done.

- Most importantly, Kort made homemade queso and it was delicious.

- Drove Zoe back home, went back to my place, lounged around and was lazy. Drove Kort to train station. Lounged around some more with Daniel.

- After Daniel went home, I went to the thrift store and the craft store. Then I picked up.....go on, take a guess...

Kortney. And Daniel. And Jason. Bet you didn't guess that last one, though.

- Anyhow, ate queso, lounged around at my house, hit a round of balls at the driving range, went swimming, came back to my place.

- After playing video games and, well, lounging some more, we went to the drum circle.

- Lastly, the boys annoyed us (again...why do we even bother?), so we took them home. Jason is super-negative about EVERYTHING. But when he gets negative about our beloved Denver, that's enough. Plus, while I was driving, I noticed that he was sticking his foot out the window to "dry it off". I snapped at him and said, "Are you still a teenager? Don't stick your foot out there!" Daniel was just being really dramatic, thinking I'm mad at him, taking offense to any little thing. We had to have a long talk because he was acting so childish and I called him on it.

Anyhow, Kort came back to my house and we stayed up until 3 a.m. talking.

All in all, a great weekend.

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