August 5, 2008

Um, wow. Sorry?

I kind of just got in trouble for an email I sent. Some guys selling art stopped by the office and I remembered that there were a couple employees who wanted to be notified next time they came in, but I didn't remember who. So I sent this email to just this office:

The guys from are downstairs selling some low-priced art. They’ll be outside for about five minutes, if you’re interested in having a look. If you don’t catch them today, but would be interested in looking another day or time, the main guy’s cell number is ______.

The Head Honcho sent Office Manager this email:

I do NOT want this kind of activity promoted! Please follow up with Kelly.

(By the way, nice spelling job on my name...I've only worked here 3.5 years...)

Office Manager then sent me this email:

Hey there….we should probably refrain from sending out emails on this type of stuff. Unless you know of folks that want to be notified of this stuff. Thanks.

Um. Sheesh. I knew not everybody would be interested, but I remembered that some actually were last time. You know, I could see this being a problem if an email were sent out everytime a vendor stopped by. But, um, that doesn't really happen here. There are by far more emails sent out weekly about "Free food in the kitchen!" "Bagels in the kitchen!" I guess I need to provide an incentive next time.

Corporate America, I fart on you.

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