August 22, 2008

Three Early Morning Dating-Life Items

- Pretty much "broke up" with Daniel this morning. I've decided that I like who he could be, but not who he is right now. There are/were lots of moments when he was really awesome and well-spoken and funny and whatnot. But he's still too young to really embrace that part of himself just yet.

- "Met" (lots of quotes this morning) a guy on Plenty of Fish that may be cool. He's a single dad with full custody of his daughter, as well as being a musician. I think I would like to try dating a single dad...just to see what it's like. He's pretty funny, mentioning that he has Hannah Montana on his iPod and he can braid hair really well.

- I was talking to another guy via IM last night. It was a fun, light-hearted conversation, all about our interests, what makes us nerdy, where we're from, etc. And then as if he suddenly transformed at 10:00 p.m., he became a sex fiend. He asked if I am into racy photos. I replied "Only if I actually know the receiver" or something like that. So he sent pics to me. One of the pics he sent was a naked girl giving him a blowjob. Um, thanks? I got bored really quickly with him trying to turn the conversation into cyber-sexy-time.

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