August 4, 2008

Oh shit. Hyperventilation.

Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no Oh no

The deadline to have all divorce paperwork filed is August 8th. The last time I saw Josh (at the courthouse), I told him that I would fill out the paperwork and sign it then mail it to him to sign. He said, "I'll just plan to sign them and file it myself." Sounds good and uncomplicated.

I sent the paperwork to him by courier, with a note reminding him of the deadline.

I just got this email from him:

"FYI: I won't be filing these docs. Go fuck yourself if you have a problem with that."

I replied with this:

"The only reason I mentioned it is because YOU said at the courthouse that once I signed them and mailed them to you, YOU would file them. I wasn't just assuming you would. Please just sign them and send them back and I'll file them myself."

Shiiiiiiiiiiit. I'm REALLY hoping he is going to just sign them and send them back and not try to fuck this divorce up on purpose.


Oh. Fuck.

His response:

Sorry, I wasn't specific enough. I will not be signing them. If you want them back then you're welcome to come to my office and dig the shredded bits out of the dumpster. Hmmm, that's seems fitting for a trashy whore such as yourself. Once again, go fuck yourself!

I'm about to cry. At work.

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