August 8, 2008

The Kelli Report

Just in case you were wondering exactly what it's like to be Kelli.

- I feel really dizzy and lightheaded. I would say it's from low blood sugar, but I generally don't eat until 11:30. Anyone who says I'm pregnant will die a slow and painful death.

- Today is the surprise going-away lunch for big boss. Everyone is already at the restaurant. Because I'm the front desk person, I have to be the last person here. My duty is to wait until big boss and head honcho head over to restaurant. Then I call and give the head's up, stick a sign on the door, and lock up. I can then come to the restaurant...of course, long after the "surprise" part. I'll have to miss that. I'm kind of feeling left out by it all.

- I'm feeling sort of bored with Daniel right now. Don't know if I even want to see him tonight.

- I'm a little overwhelmed at some projects that must be finished today, as well as a couple bills that have to be paid today, and the fact that I have to give Scar Cat his meds four times a day. Who has that kind of time and energy to give meds to a demon cat? I'll have to stay up really late to make sure the doses are spaced far apart.

Soooo...basically, I feel sick and anxious and upset.

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