August 8, 2008

I'm really fascinated with zodiac signs right now.

Yesterday, a cw and I were comparing the personalities of the dudes we're currently dating. CW and I are both very independent, need our space and have a tendency to "act like a man" in regards to emotions. The dudes we're dating are both kind of clingy, have mood swings, want to rush into a relationship, can get dramatic, etc.

She mentioned in passing that she checked their zodiac compatibility on a whim. I asked what sign she was. Sagittarius, which is right next to Scorpio--which I am (kind of similar). I thought that was funny, since we're so alike with relationships. Then I asked what sign her dude was. Cancer, just like Daniel. That really cracked me up because they sound like the same dude.

Soooooo...I really wonder if there isn't something to the zodiacs. It just seems scarily accurate much of the time.

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