August 19, 2008

I will be wrapping things up with Daniel.

He's been pissing me off lately, and well, that's the beauty of just dating.

On Friday, we texted a bit and it went a lot like this:

Daniel: what you doing?
Kelli: Hanging at a bar
Daniel: I'm bored, but I don't have any gas to go anywhere.
Daniel: what you doing now?
Kelli: Hanging at a different bar
Daniel: I'm bored.
Daniel: Want to come over?
Kelli: No, too drunk to drive.
Daniel: Fine. I'll just be bored then.
Kelli: Okay, have a nice night.

Then on Saturday, I texted to see if he wanted to hang out at my place with Kort and myself. He didn't respond until midnight.

On Sunday, I finally went to his place to hang out for a bit, show my new hairdo. He then told me of how he got :insert stoner voice: sooooooo wasted on Tuesday night that he punched someone out for no reason...didn't even know them. He and his friends then went to fight another group of guys who had been hassling his friend and so on. that supposed to be funny? I kept asking, "So why would you punch someone for no reason?" "Because I was so wasted...I don't even know." Right. After he finished telling this story, he said, "I bet you think I'm really stupid, huh?" I said, "Hmm...I don't know. I'm going home" and left.

On Monday, he sent a text, followed by some other text that I didn't get. When he followed up with "Fine. We don't have to talk then." I replied, "I was in a meeting." Which I was.

We haven't talked since and I don't even care. I have a tendency to focus on the good parts of someone, but when their bad side becomes overwhelmingly stupid and immature, I just can't ignore it. Throw in the fact that we're both really busy now and he never has money for gas to leave his house...and well, no sex is worth that effort.

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