August 15, 2008

I think Daniel is freaking out about my hair.

Yesterday I sent a message saying something goofy like, "Would you still like me with short hair?" He replied that he would like me with no hair. I told him I was going to cut my hair soon.

Daniel: You really gonna cut off your hair?

Kelli:, you thought it was just a theoretical question?

Daniel: Why?

Kelli: Because I get bored with the same hairdo and I'm ready for a change. Plus I love the hairstyle I'll be getting. Are you only okay with short hair in theory but not in reality?

Daniel: How short?

Kelli: Really short. Like a couple inches long. Are you going to be okay? Would you like to keep the hair I cut off?

Daniel: I just can't see you with short hair...

I'm going to cut it regardless of what he (or anyone) thinks. But I think it's funny that he's suddenly really concerned for my hair.

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