August 18, 2008

The Haircut and Other Excitement...

Friday: picked up Kort, went to Aveda salon. We had a blast cutting my hair, and I'm pretty sure the stylist thought we were "together". She kept asking if I would cry when she cut it. I assured her that no, I wouldn't. However, Kort did cry a tad. Of course.

After leaving, we went to FR for dinner. I was wearing a hat (because I was still shy about the new 'do), but AS SOON as we walked in, I heard a shout, "KELLI! DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR?!" It was ________ (cue sigh). He made me take the hat off and immediately waxed poetic about how great it looked. We sat in the booth and ALL night, _________ kept sitting by me, talking to us, playing with my hair, commenting on it. He even said he liked it better than the long hair. Apparently, whenever I would go to the bathroom, he'd sit and talk with Kort about me. I think the initial awkwardness has worn off, because we did chat a lot. And Kort cried some more.

OOH! One kind of awkward thing, though. At one point, he grabbed my camera to look at the pictures on it. I let him, forgetting that it had a bunch of pictures of Daniel, me and Daniel, Daniel at my house, etc. To his credit, __________ didn't say anything about it...just continued commenting on the photos. He even said, "Is this your kid?!" on a pic of Kayden... "He's cute."

Soooooo...that was that. I've really downplayed the whole _________ thing since the brouhaha...but you guys should know I'm still pretty much whooped over him. There were a couple things _________ said on Friday night that makes me think something may start up with him again... I would like this, but I think I'll have the same struggles: only being able to see him in the middle of the night, maybe once a week. We're not going to the bar that much anymore so it would probably be even less. However, I now know we wouldn't ever be more than fuckbuddies, so it would be a question of whether I wanted that.

Anyhow, that was that. Kort and I left, went to a hippie bar, met a group of guys, left there, crashed at her place.

Saturday: was. so. lazy. It was raining like crazy, but Kort and I walked around nonetheless. We went to my place to medicate Scar Cat, laid around, watched Metalocalypse, went downtown and to a Vietnamese restaurant and the library, went to my place, took a nap, watched Rocky Horror Picture Show, laid around, etc.

Sunday: took Kort to her mom's, went to see Daniel (who wasn't quite as crazy about my hair as ________ was), got annoyed with Daniel and left after only about two hours (see other post), went home, watched documentaries (re: Atlantis and Columbine) while cleaning, picked up Kort, went downtown. We stopped at the skate park for a bit and watched the skater boys.

Then we went to the drum circle for a bit, then headed back to my place, played a few rounds of Tekken, then watched Penn & Teller's Bullshit until we fell asleep.

Overall, good weekend but very, very non-productive and lazy. ::sigh::

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