August 12, 2008

Guy-Friend vs. Best Friend.

Kortney and Daniel can't really get along...or rather, maybe they just don't like each other. I suspect a large part of it is that they're used to having my attention on them when we're alone...but throw them together and my attention is divided (I know this is mostly a problem for Daniel).

Because of this, I don't really feel like I can hang out with both of them at the same time. It inevitably leads to arguing: either Kortney and Daniel or me and Daniel.

I know they *want* to get along because of me...but he acts so different when she's around. He gets really loud and childish and can't just relax like when we're alone.

Anyhow, I'm just kind of venting because it's frustrating to feel like I'm stuck in the middle of this. I think my plan of action is just to keep them apart because it really does stay more peaceful that way.

**That and I think I'm ready to get out and meet some new guys again finally. I kept getting dangerously close to a relationship with Daniel, but there is just too much there that bugs me. I think with a little, dare I say "training", he could be a great boyfriend...but I don't have that kind of time.**

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