August 5, 2008

Conversation with UPS Guy

Kelli: :pops wrist by twisting it:
UPS Guy: Whatcha doing there?
Kelli: trying to break my wrist and get out of work
UPS: You know, you should let me do that for's like in the shouldn't take your own life...well, you shouldn't break your own wrist.
Kelli: No, it's okay. The bible says you can't take your own life...but it's totally acceptable to break your own wrist to get out of work.
UPS: I don't remember reading that in the bible.
Kelli: You might have the King James version. This is in James version.
UPS: :laughs for a moment: What exactly do you drink before you come to work?
Kelli: My business is my own.
UPS: :laughing: See you tomorrow.

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