August 20, 2008

Contestant #1 on Plenty of Fish

I've been IMing with a guy from Las Vegas who is in Denver to pursue a business degree.

He. Uses. Correct. Spelling. And. Grammar.

I don't know when that became such a bonus for me, but it is. And though he looks super-clean-cut, he's actually a metal-head who prefers beer bars to clubs. I'm not into metal, but I appreciate it more than rap/pop/hiphop/country. So that's another bonus.

Anyhow, he just texted me to chat and wants me to show him around Denver. He said (after we talked for a while about things to do in Denver) that usually people just give him the name of a bar or two and that's it. But he likes that I have a TON of ideas and they're all pretty unique and/or interesting.

Sooooo...I guess this guy is on my list of "potential guys to meet."


I may have a date-ish with this guy this weekend. We're still solidifying plans.

When I asked if he had weekend plans, he said he hoped a cute-looking girl would show him around the city. I replied that I can be cute at times.

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