August 5, 2008

Class vs. Race

So, I just moved to my new apartment. I think it's safe to say that the majority of people living in that complex are Hispanic, with the next largest group being black. I've only seen one other white person since living there.

This doesn't bother me in the least. I make jokes about it being a "cultural experience" because there are a lot of different cultures being represented (my neighbors across the hall are actually from Africa).

What DOES bother me is that I get a lot of comments from white people about "all the Mexicans" in that area. Now, the building constantly gets trashed by all the kids, they always throw their garbage around, they leave broken bottles in the street. They just have no respect for the building or the neighborhood or even their neighbors. It looks ghetto as a result, despite the efforts of the management.

What I always say when people try to blame the Mexicans is that it's more a mark of living in a lower-class area. It's not their race that causes these people to live like slobs and trash my building. It's their socioeconomic status. In my experience, I've found that lower-class (and I really hate using a word like "class") take very little pride in their surroundings: white, hispanic, black, whatever. And because there are a lot of hispanic people in the lower-class bracket in Colorado, I think the whole race gets a bad rap as a result. And that makes me sad.

Anyhow, that was my tangent. I usually give it to anyone who makes the aforementioned comment. But I usually ramble on a lot more in person, so you should feel fortunate that you can just click out of the post here.

**However, being my hypocritical self, I do make jokes about Mormons as a whole...I really should work on that.

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