August 12, 2008

Cats and Hammocks.

One of the many little fuckers in my cat army has yet to figure out the hammock situation. (Sometimes I sleep on an air mattress, usually if Daniel is sleeping over. There's been a couple times I sleep on the floor. Usually, though, it's the hammock.)

Some nights, it'll jump from the window ledge onto me (while I'm sleeping, about makes me pee my pajama pants). Then it'll get freaked out because of the swinging motion. This morning, I awoke to two big, bloody gashes on my arm from this experience.

On a side note, though, if I'm not on the hammock, it's really funny to watch the cats try to jump from the ledge onto the hammock. It swings around and dumps them onto the ground. It does the same thing with Kayden (and I may laugh about that, too).

Another form of entertainment: I'm trying to break them of not sharing their food and fighting. So when there's two of them at the food dish, I'll stand right behind them quietly, with a squirt bottle pointed at them. They'll eat, glare at each other, eat some more...but inevitably, one will turn and hiss or slap the other. And that's when I laugh manically and squirt the hell out of the one doing the hissing.

::sigh:: I really shouldn't be a pet-owner.

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