July 7, 2008

Updates on life

1. My little sister (the recently adopted one) is in town for a couple days. We went out last night with Kort and had a blast. She is so laid-back and cool, especially for an 18-year-old.

2. Scott had his baby: Keyanna Raine...about 6 lbs, on July 4th. Kayden was thrilled to become a big brother finally.

3. My apartment is in shambles still. I haven't had ANY free time to organize and unpack it lately. It's really frustrating...especially having a houseguest during this time. I still have no furniture for the same reason. The cats drive me nuts. I can't stand them (well, except Scar Cat, of course), but feel obligated to keep them.

4. I'm really embarrassed about this: Kayden has a weird thing about shoes. He doesn't like new shoes whatsoever, so he usually runs his shoes into the ground before he'll wear a new pair. Right before the WY trip, I told him that he needed new shoes. He whined a bit about how comfortable his current ones are. They were looking ragged, but no holes or anything, so I told him he could keep them a little while longer. I told him we'd buy new shoes once we got home, in addition to some water shoes he needs for the pool. However, in UT while spending the weekend with my dad, they bought him new shoes, both sneakers and water shoes. I was so embarrassed, probably needlessly, but I felt like such an unfit mother to have my dad buy his shoes.

5. My guy situation is just really weird right now:

- Leland, the boring guy who may or may not have been a virgin, texted me before my trip to WY just to let me know he had been tested for STDs and was clean. I said, "Um, was there any doubt?" He asked if I had been tested recently. Um, yes. Within the last 2-3 months. He then proceeded to talk about how he got tested with his ex a couple years ago and that it's always a good idea and if we got involved, we should do the same. Um, I can barely decide if I even want to see him again, let alone sleep with him. I don't know...just something about him bothers me. I think he's a big-time relationship guy and keeps saying stuff like "if we get involved." Uh-uh.

- Jay, the 22-year-old I met last week, called me while I was in WY to invite me out camping with his friends. I was disappointed I had to miss it, because I had SO much fun hanging out with him and his friends. He said he'll definitely let me know if anything else comes up. I texted with him a bit more. He's pretty sweet. I think this will likely evolve into a fun, casual thing.

- Daniel is pissing me off. We got kind of close right before I left for WY. We were hanging out nearly every free night I had and I admit that I found myself liking him more and more. While in WY, he texted me a lot, often saying he missed me, couldn't wait to see me. But once I got back into town, he acted really distant. He hemmed and hawed about whether to come and hang out with us last night. He finally decided to come out, but left after one drink. He texted me right after he left, apologizing for leaving and acting stupid. He added that he couldn't wait to see me again.

What I think is: 1) he's embarrassed for sharing his emotions like he did (about missing me and such), 2) he wanted me to swoon and fall at his feet and act like a lovey-dovey high-school girl. That's not me. If he says he's not sure whether to come out, I won't pressure him. I'll be fine whether he's with me or not. I'm not going to say, "Oh Daniel, please don't leave! I neeeeeeeeeeed you!" I'm not really upset about this behavior...mostly just annoyed. If he wants a girl who worships him, he needs to go find her. I would miss him for a while if I never saw him again, but I certainly wouldn't be broken up about it.

That's all for now.

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