July 10, 2008

Tricky, Tricky.

The house is definitely going to foreclose. I've accepted this. If the lender decides to pursue repayment of deficiency, they can. This means, for example, that if my house sells for only $80K in a foreclosure auction, I am still responsible for paying the balance of my loan (we're talking tens of thousands of dollars, at least). I've accepted this.

However, now I'm wondering if Josh should be responsible for some of this repayment. Here are the facts:

- I purchased the house solely in my name, because Josh had a foreclosure on his credit (go figure).

- The only way I was able to purchase the house is because we added Josh's contribution to the mortgage as one of my means of income.

- Josh pretty much abandoned his portion of the mortgage in January. He advised that I should foreclose back then.

Sooooo...I feel that he should have to pay half of any debt incurred by this foreclosure. However, 1) it'll make the divorce more complicated, 2) I don't know if he'll agree to it, 3) I don't know if I can even make him pay legally.

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