July 16, 2008

Three things about Kayden last night.

1. He said he wants to live with his dad. Now I know I shouldn't read into this. He's 7 and his dad's house is the "fun" place. But it still hurts my feelings to hear this. Right after he said it, he quickly followed up with "But I also really like living with you." To his credit, he is very good at dealing with people's emotions for such a young age.

2. He was telling me about this elaborate invention he thought of. After finishing up, he said, "I bet they have it already in Canada." And then he actually guffawed and said he was joking. I'm not sure, but he might have been making fun of Canada. I thought it was hilarious and bizarre and completely random.

3. He told me he wants a new stepdad. Hello random! He asked if I was ever going to get married again. I said something about maybe in the future and waiting for the right person and everything. He said, "I miss having a stepdad." And then he told me about how he saw Look Who's Talking at his dad's house and how the woman who had the baby didn't think the taxi driver was the right man for her. But after he became the babysitter and they got to know each other, she fell in love and they got married and he became the dad. He even used the words, "She decided he was right for her after all." Talk about pressure.

(By the by, he hasn't met any other guys I've dated. I don't think he knows I'm even dating anyone.)

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