July 22, 2008

SoCo Boys

The SoCo boys are the guys we met at the SoCo festival a couple weeks ago. I hung out and partied with them all night. Really fun, cool, frat-type boys:

Frankie: chatted with him a lot that night, have texted with him a couple times since.
Pet-ah: Russian boy that I dirty-danced with a bit...have run into him a few times around town. Has called me.
Shaun: my beer pong partner from the first night. Just bumped into him on Sunday.
Jay: this is the one I slept with...twice. Have texted a bit with him since.
Justin: this is the guy that originally wanted to hook up with me...but I ended up hooking up with Jay. I bumped into him last week and it seems as though he and Jay are frienemies.

So, the reason for the post is that each of these guys took my number down that first night I hung out with them. None of them were really coming onto me...it was just a friendly "let's hang out again" thing. However, they all text with me. The latest is Shaun...texting with him right now. They all know I slept with Jay, but I'm not sure they're texting just as friends now...

In any event, there's no cause for weirdness or anything. But I do find it strange that I'm basically texting with and hanging out with nearly every guy in their little group.

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