July 4, 2008

Notes from Wyoming

- Got to hang with my brother...that was pretty cool. He's recently divorced too. Total man-whore, but he really just wants one girl for the rest of his life. He's always been a family guy. He's doing pretty good, which makes me happy.

- Got to see my dad and stepmom. Kayden is with them for the weekend and he is just on cloud 9 when he's around my dad. My dad is like a big kid in so many ways. For example, at the restaurant, Kayden whispered shyly to him that he had to "poo-poo". My dad looked at him and said loudly, "You mean you have to crap?" Kayden laughed for a solid five minutes at that.

- I've been texting with Daniel while here. I asked how his day was going and he said he drank too much last night. I jokingly responded, "Drinking your sorrows away, huh? Did it work?" He wrote back, "No, I still miss you." Aww...

- Lastly, I really miss Denver. I'm glad to be here with my grandma, but I also can't wait to go back home. I'm also excited to bring my little sister home with me for a couple days. I have more about the subject of my little sister...but that's another post.

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