July 31, 2008

Met a sailor on my lunch break

I went to the grocery store to get fixings for tonight's picnic. While standing at the deli, there were three sailors in full uniforms (the tan ones, not the actual sailor outfit). They were tasting the gizzards. One of them asked me if I ever tried gizzards. I said something like I try to avoid eating throat. Which is totally not true because I bite Daniel's throat all the time.

Anyhow, we chatted for a bit. He asked where I was from, what I do, etc. I asked what they were doing in CO ("long way from the ocean..."). He handed me his business card and said he's recruiting. I replied that I wasn't going to be a sailor anytime soon. He said, "No, I'm here recruiting, but I'd just like for you to give me a call sometime." ::snort:: I thought he was trying to recruit me.

So, we talked a little more, then parted ways. Don't know if I'll call or not. He was nice and not pushy in the least, which I like. Really tall, originally from Puerto Rico, polite, and...well...he's in the freakin' Navy.

On a side note, the beautiful black courier was also at the store. Yum yum yum. Aside from Courier Boyfriend, he's probably my favorite courier.

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