July 10, 2008

Men are annoying.

Daniel has a toothache. He texted me at midnight (which woke me up) to say, "I think I'm dying."

I told him I have painkillers and whiskey. Seriously, that's enough for me.

He just sent another text, "I feel like I'm gonna die. Is this normal?"

I replied, "Go to the dentist."

I know that toothaches can be a bitch. Hell, I needed a root canal for FIVE years before getting one. It was absessed by the time I got in. It was ROTTING by the time I got in. And I dealt with it...not whined like a little bitch about dying.

I got my root canal done and went straight from the dentist to downtown. I did shots with my coworkers, hung out with Zak and company, and then I went home with Kelly the Hippie...all while numb and sore from the procedure.

::stamps Rock Star on forehead::

**That being said, I'm going to feel really bad if he actually did die last night.**

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